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Best Air Compressor Buying Guide 2018 (Updated)

In this air compressor buying guide we want help you exactly which one you need. When you want to buy a new compressor. Here we help you to find the right type of air compressor.

  • You may buy the wrong type the wrong size or the wrong model.
  • You don’t know which one you need small, portable, gas or others type.

Don’t worry, here we want to help you. Welcome to the air compressor buying guide.

In this air compressor buying guide, you will get

  • The right type of air compressor
  • The right size of the air compressor
  • To save money
  • To know about many options
  • To know the common mistakes about buying an air compressor

Types of air compressor:

There are different types of air compressor small or large. The large devices are designed for shop or garage. The high-powered models with large storage tanks to use for longer periods. Small air compressor used for home and it save the money. The power is also not like the big ones. So, when you buy it to make sure that it can fulfill your needs.

Portable air compressor can allow moving from one place to another and a smaller storage tanks.

Quiet air compressor is the low noise air compressor. If you have the problems of sounds you can buy this.

Oil free air compressors are less expensive then other compressors with a shorter life. It is best for household compressor.

Electric air compressor is the best for indoor works. It is run between 110 and 120 volts.

Gas-powered should be used in outdoor works. It runs by gas.

Pancake is the one tank and low powerful. It is best for used in household works. It is the smallest and lightest.

Stationary is used for garage and workshop.

Twin tanks have two air storage tanks. It is easy to movement. The number of tanks is not very the performance.

Two stages have the two pistons, the 1st piston compresses and pushes it through the check valve to the 2nd piston. The 2nd piston transfer to the storage tank. It is used in heavy work. It is ideal for shop.

Wheelbarrow It is a portable air compressor with wheels and handles. It is heavy, so it can be easily moved from one place to another.

Things should be considered

  • Which CFM your air compressor will need
  • Choosing the perfect air compressor tank size
  • Which one you need oil less or oil compressor
  • Gas powered or electric air compressor
  • In which works you will use it domestic, semi-professional or professional use
  • Airflow is the important factor
  • Air cooling system
  • The tank compressed air is delivered and stored.

Here are some features which can help you choose a model that you can handle easily.

  • Multiple couplers handle different tasks without connecting and disconnecting tools.
  • Adjustable exhaust helps you to direct exhaust away from your work area.
  • Thermal protection can stop the motor to prevent damage from overloads.
  • belt-drive system is providing quieter operation than a direct-drive system.

Powering air tools is the key function of an air compressor. Consider the tools you want to use now and those you might need in the future. Examples include:

  • Nail and staple guns
  • Impact wrenches
  • Ratchets
  • Air hammers / chisels
  • Paint sprayers
  • Rotary tools / grinder

Before buying an air compressor, ask yourself these questions:

How can you have used a compressor?

If u want to use an air compressor for your home purpose you need a low power and less expensive tools. So, you can choose an oil-less or pancake air compressor. It is easy to use.

If you do a heavy-duty work for your shop or others, then you need high powerful motor and larger tanks. There are twin tanks or larger single tank. It will be expensive.

Where can you have used a compressor?

If you need that your compressor for one spot to another you need a portable compressor. Remember it smaller models are easy to carry out. Smaller models can be carried out. But it may be a low power.

So, these things you should know very well. For that, it is easy for you to buy a right compressor.

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