Porter Cable C2002 Review | WK Oil-Free UMC Pancake Compressor with 13-Piece Accessory Kit

Porter Cable C2002-WK is a lightweight air compressor that can take care of your heavy duty needs fairly well.  While choosing an air compressor model, there is always this constant vibe of making a compromise between the advantages distinctively offered by lightweight and industrial models. Porter-Cable C2002-WK Oil-Free Pancake Compressor offers a rare in-between by eradicating the need for constant refueling and withholding the perk of carrying it along on your camping trips.



This particular model attempts to narrow down the gap between conventional portable household air compressors and comparatively large industrial scale air compressors. If you want to do more than just blow up balloons or other inflatables, Porter-Cable C2002-WK Oil-Free would be an optimal choice to make. It’s 6-gallon tank reserve can fuel the compressor for prolonged periods with a maximum pressure of 150PSI, which makes this the perfect appliance to use in restoration and even some industrial purposes.


You should buy this model for its high functionality and perfect mobility. The price-tag of $139 is also a decisive factor to keep in mind. You will have a hard time searching for a decent alternative on the market that matches your need for portability and power within a similar price range.



Porter Cable C2002-WK does not strike the eye as a power beast. Do not let its small appearance fool you, though!  Its powerful 120v engine can spark up a larger amount of power than many other air compressors of the same size.

Porter Cable C2002 Review


What makes anything an easy “on the go” material? First and foremost, it has to be light. This unit weighs only 30lbs, which you can easily carry along with your luggage without breaking a sweat.  Porter Cable C2002-WK is a must for your camping trips! Why? From blowing up your inflatable sleeping bags to inflating your RV tires- you can rely on this little fellow without any hesitation!


The compressor’s steel built exterior saves it from external shocks thus making it more durable in hostile environments. Its base is covered by a rubber layer to safeguard it from being destroyed.


Porter Cable C2002-WK has a very powerful engine, compared to its counterparts. Thus, it gives you more flexibility regarding applications. Besides the norms of blowing balloons or cleaning dust, you can also try using it in airbrush works or molding jobs. You will be surprised to see what this unit is actually capable of!


What happens to the compressor when winter rolls around? Many air compressors sustain critical damage during the winter and get reduced to useless deadwood sitting in the garage. Porter Cable C2002-WK is game for colder environments. You can plug it in and use it without any compromised performance in sub-20 degree temperatures.


The compressor is super user-friendly; anyone can use it without giving it much thought. The dual hose outlet on the compressor allows you to share your workplace with a buddy or use your multiple power tools at the same time. You don’t need to put together anything by yourself; it comes all assembled in the box. It requires minimal maintenance to keep the ball rolling uninterruptedly.


The most common of the criticisms we often hear about portable air compressors is their limited storage capacity. Nothing can be more burdensome than having to refill your compressor in short intervals. What’s the point of using a portable air compressor in the first place if you can’t even blow away the leaves around your house without going for a refill? With a larger tank capacity, this Porter Cable model gives us a more befitting mobile experience. It’s 6-gallon tank yields an impressive 150PSI, resulting in lengthier operation period and faster recovery cycles.


It’s oil-free pump not only ensures a better output from the device but also keeps your hands free of irritating oily residue. Spending a significant chunk of your time trying to wash it off is something you definitely won’t miss. Will you?


The unit has been designed conveniently for normal handling. The pancake-shaped structure does not have any sharp edges and comes with a handle to provide easy mobility.


  • Also, includes a handle to ensure better mobility
  • 150 PSI(Pounds per Square Inch) tank pressure is allowing more run period.
  • 120v electric motor
  • An oil-free pump that remains operational over an extended period of time with minimal maintenance.
  • A 13-Piece Accessory Kit including a tire chuck, blow gun, and accessories, 25-foot nylon hose, tire gauge, plug, quick coupler.
  • One year limited warranty on compressor parts and the accompanying 13 piece accessory kit.


  • Easily portable because of its smaller design and lighter weight. The compressor weighs only 30lbs, lacks sharp edges and has an extensive run-time period.
  • Porter Cable C2002-WK has a sizable tank capacity of 6 gallons despite its small-scale appearance.
  • The manufacturer installs the additional parts by themselves, saving you the trouble.
  • Capable of working in colder environments.
  • Comes at a very affordable price.
  • Ideal to use at households. Can be utilized for industrial purposes on a limited basis.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Easy maintenance.


  • Generates more noise than expected
  • Accessories not suitable for serious work.


The Porter Cable C2002-WK Pancake Compressor is a skillful machine with a subtle design. What makes this model more appealing than similar items in the market is its versatility. It encourages you to become creative in its use and experiment its productivity in relatively complex situations. It’s durable outer shell, and exquisitely integrated components guarantee an extended life span. Overall, this mini but mighty tool is all you need to serve your basic carpentry needs both inside and outside the home.


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