Bolt Power G06C Heavy Duty Jump Starter 600 AMP Peak With Air Compressor Car Battery Powe Pack Charger 12V With 16500mAh

Are you concern about recharging your vehicle? Then, here is the solution of Bolt Power G06C Portable Heavy Duty Jump Starter. Probably, you have seen some power bank with lots of functionality. But do you agree with me, every component made for one particular purpose? Therefore, Bolt Power G06C Heavy Duty Jump Starter is best for all types of vehicle including truck, SUV, van and more.

To carry the rechargeable battery in the way of traveling is very important. Because your car charger may get over anytime without even knowing. So, you can think of getting Bolt Power G06C Heavy Duty Jump Starter? However, you may have questioned why I am mainly saying about this product? Is there any specialty? Here for you, my answer is, yes of course. Because Bolt Power G06C heavy duty jump starter has typically made for all transport. Do not believe? Let’s clarify the review section:

Bolt Power G06C Heavy Duty Jump Starter for vehicles- Reviews

Before moving directly to review I would say something about car jump starter. All we know, there are thousands of rechargeable battery in the market. But how will you choose the best one? Well, if you get the product which fulfills your all requirements, you can say that is for you. And about Bolt Power G06C heavy duty jump starter I can say it will complete your all necessity.

Heavy Duty Jump StarterHeavy Duty Jump StarterLet’s check out the features and click below to know about price details:

Bolt Power G06C features:

16500mAh Power Pack Charger:

The Bolt Power G06C heavy duty jump starter can hold up to 16500 mah power. If you charge it fully with power adapter once in a month, you may no need to load it again. Therefore, as this charger can hold long charge period, you can use it any purpose.

Highest Input and Output:

Bolt Power G06C heavy duty jump starter is both AC and DC. Its input is 100V-240V and output is 12V or 16V or 19V DC. Also, you can also change the voltage with the switch, and the peak point for AC is 600 amp.

Portable air compressor with 80 PSI:

Bolt Power G06C heavy duty jump starter is not only a good charger but also provide better performance regarding air compressor. It has maximum 80 PSI and can inflate 4 tires for most of the vehicles. But it is good to know that, it pumps a bit slow but works well.

Heavy duty jump starter:

Now come to the most highlighted feature of this product. Because it works nicely to all types of vehicle jump starter and one can jump his car nearly 10- 20 times by using this single charger. So, I advise you to check the price list from below link and place an order now to get the product.

4 types of protection capability:

It provides all kinds of protection like other car jump starter mainly for over current, overcharges, overload and short circuit problems.

Emergency flashlight:

It has in the built LED flashlight which used as a backup light. Hereafter, there is also a red signal unit you will see on the top of the charger. It also indicates the urgency of the charger in case the charger is empty.

Other accessories details:

  1. Car charger adapter.
  2. Universal plug wire for all laptops.
  3. Almost all laptop supportive connectors.
  4. Separate power adaptor.
  5. 4 in 1 USB cable.
  6. Plug protection cable.
  7. 8 extra gauge wire.


  • No battery required to run the air compressor.
  • All gadget supported.
  • Extra clamp wire to connect the car battery to the charger.
  • Works as a roadside helper to jump the car starter.
  • Only once full battery charge in a month is enough. Although, it depends on usability.


  • It does not have inbuilt protective tools.
  • If you want 100 or more PSI air compressor, please choose another product.
  • Carry case is made of plastic material.

Why is the product designed?

  1. Quick jump starter of all car engine.
  2. Fast charging for all types of laptops
  3. Charging for all mobile divisibility

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S):

Question: Is there any warranty?

Answer: Yes. 1 year.

Question: Does it comes with both AC and DC power?

Answer: Yes. It is 110v for AC and 220v for DC.

Question: What is the maximum temperature it can hold?

Answer: 85 degree Celsius.

Question: What is the size of air compressor? Is it small?

Answer: It is 3.75″x4.25″x1.75″. The air compressor is not small but medium.

Question: Can it charge iPhone or iPad?

Answer: Yes and it can charge almost all USB devices.

Final Verdict:

At last but not least, I would like to say that, by this time if you already decided to order Bolt Power G06C heavy duty jump starter then you have taken the right decision. But if you don’t, please check with below link and order now.